Since 2004 Global Resourcing is leading in the field of recruitment for clients on Sint Maarten. We focus on the recruitment of professionals at middle and senior management level.

Next to our Recruitment Services, Global Resourcing specializes in Flexible Staffing Solutions. Especially in these uncertain times during the aftermath of hurricane Irma this could be the right solution for your company.

If you want to get back in the game but cannot foresee the long-term future of your business, the solution of outsourcing the hiring,
pay-rolling and/or contracting of temporary employees could be the right option for you.

The major advantage of Staffing is that you can easily and quickly get highly trained personnel and will only bind the professional for a temporarily period of time. The professional will have a contract with Global Resourcing directly, but will fall under the leadership and operational supervision of you, the client.

Global Resourcing has like no other local staffing company experience with the entire process of Staffing.

In order to provide our clients with the utmost transparency and assurance that the pay roll is done in full compliance with the law, we outsource the pay-rolling of our temporary employees to PwC.
On request we can provide our clients with copies of tax payment forms, both stamped by either the Receivers Office / SZV and PwC.

For more information about Staffing on Sint Maarten and the best Flexible Staffing Solution for your company please contact Martin Kingma:

Phone: +1721-5420542 / +1721-5238694