Cloud Engineer

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Functie:Cloud Engineer
Referentie nummer:# 3224

Business environment:

The Cloud Engineer will drive development and execution of a cloud strategy for the organisation. The Cloud Engineer will also build a virtual infrastructure based on the business exchange model to drive market adoption of the organisation's services. The Cloud engineer will take a global perspective on technological developments and lead in the assessment, prioritization and implementation of physical as well as logical cloud segments.

Key Accountabilities and responsibilities:

  • Deliver and implement thought eadership for defining the cloud development path to sales growth and profitability of the organisation;
  • Develop collaborative working relationships within cloud solution providers/vendors in pursuit of the of organisationt’s overall cloud development goals;
  • Lead development of the organisation's cloud strategy with an emphasis on achieving market penetration and sales growth;
  • Develop and implement the organisation's private cloud strategy across key market segments to ensure that the company identifies and optimizes a clear path to aggressive growth. Assess, build and manage an array of necessary channels capable of delivering on the organisation's cloud strategy objectives;
  • Develop collaborative working relationships within technology- and business partners in pursuit of the organisation's overall cloud strategy goals;
  • Originate and manage business development opportunities that are consistent with the organisation’s strategy;
  • Oversee the market cloud solution opportunities and manage associated risks;
  • Act as cloud development gatekeeper;
  • Review prior cloud implementation results and discusses anticipated changes to highlight future needs and trends;
  • Review monthly operating reports for accuracy, completeness and major variances;
  • Prepare cloud relevant presentations;
  • Report to the COO.


  • The Cloud Engineer should have a master's degree ICT , or equivalent business experience and 10+ years of progressively responsible experience for a major company or division of a large corporation. 
  • Should have expertise in Devops, virtualisation technologies, cloud technologies, Windows OS System Management and Linux.
  • Have a high level of written and oral communication skills. 
  • Must have experience: Chef, OpenStack, VMWare, Dockers, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Java, Scripting.
  • Other important skills: Cloud: OpenStack, VMWare; Web Application Servers: NGINX, Apache, IIS; OS: Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS; SCM: SVN & Git; Programming Languages: Java, C++, C, SQL, XML, Awk, Sed ,JACL, PERL,ANT, UNIX Make, NFS; Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, UFS, Crystal Reports, tools Visual Build Pro, .Net; Build Tools: - Ant, MSBuild, Maven, Gradle; Scripting: Bash, Python, Perl, Javascript, PowerShell, Shell Scripting; Continuous Integration: Go-CD, Jenkins, Bamboo, Hudson, Anthillpro, Cruise Control, Build forge, VBP, B Build Master; Virtualization: Docker, Vagrant, Virtualbox; Container Tools: Docker Swarm, Kubernetes; CM tools: Ansible, Puppet, Chef, SaltStack; Other tools: Nagios, Nexus, Artifactory,SonarQube, JIRA, Confluence Cloud & Devops Engineer.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing AND executing successful private cloud strategies.
  • Ability to think creatively and develop non-traditional solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Ability to be hands-on as well strategic.


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