HR Manager (non-profit)

Type aanvraag:Werving en Selectie

Sint Maarten

Functie:HR Manager (non-profit)
Referentie nummer:# 3461

Core tasks / responsibilities:

  • Recruitment, selection, retirement, resignation of staff;
  • Staff performance management;
  • Staff training and development;
  • Staff health and safety;
  • Management support.

The HR Manager reports to the Operations Manager. The principal responsibilities of the post are:

  • Providing advice and guidance on HR issues to management;
  • Undertake employee life cycle processes (recruitment, selection, retirement, resignation);
  • Performing management tracking including supporting managers in the appraisal process;
  • Training and development;
  • Personnel administration, including credentialing, staff files, job descriptions;
  • Staff planning and support in strategic planning;
  • The HR Manager could delegate some of the administrative tasks to others (management assistant and financial secretary / HR admin support).

Responsibilities of the function:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  1. Provide staff planning.
  2. Provide support to strategic planning.
  3. Provide an effective and safe recruitment process, regularly reviewing and amending as appropriate and in line with legislation.
  4. Create labor agreements and ensure that all new staff documentation is correct and on file.
  5. Arrange new staff introductions, liaising with Department Managers, Unit Leaders and other line managers to ensure all staff are welcomed into the company in a consistent manner.
  6. Hold twee weeks meeting and end of trial period time meeting with new staff, if requested by managers.
  7. Provide an effective and safe retirement and resignation process for the company, regularly reviewing and amending as appropriate and in line with legislation and pension plan.
  8. Perform exit interviews with departing staff and provide reports to managers including recommendations for improvements when applicable.
  • Performance Management
  1. Review current performance cycle and develop proposals for an improved system.
  2. Propose performance management improvements to the Operations. Manager and after approval executes its implementation and monitors consistent use and progress.
  3. Monitor absenteeism and coach Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders in addressing consistent absences, with the objective to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.
  4. Support and advise managers during disciplinary and performance processes.
  5. Investigate grievances when required and in line with the companies policies providing reports to line managers with recommendations.
  • Training and Development
  1. Develop yearly education plan for staff, together with Operations Manager and Management Assistant.
  2. Support the training and development of staff.
  3. Support staff in career development.
  4. Liaise with the managers to provide support staff training.
  5. Maintain a training register and supply management reports as required.
  6. Arrange training and liaise with training providers when required.
  7. Deliver training to line managers in key areas such as appraisals, performance management, absence management, etc.
  • Health and Safety
  1. Organize health and safety activities.
  2. Attend health and safety committee meetings.
  3. Provide information on staff regarding health and safety issues and prevention.
  4. Provide management reports to the Operations Manager and the Health & Safety Committee upon request.
  • Administration  
  1. Organize complete and up-to-date staff filing, including all certification, job descriptions, labor agreements (assisted by HR support staff).
  2. Implement the Payroll Ultra program (HR component) in all departments and oversea the correct use of the software (ensure that all departments upload documents when needed and that data is entered into the program as needed and correctly (with support of HR staff and Management Assistant).
  3. Organize payroll, assisted by HR staff and Management Assistant.
  • Management support
  1. Assist the Operations Manager with (project) management tasks, such as writing proposals for funding, executing projects, monitoring its progress and completing reports.
  2. Advise the Operations Manager on relevant policy changes and possible developments, related to HR.
  3. Perform any task that may be reasonably requested by the Operations Manager.


  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration and/or human resource management, and at least a five-year work experience.
  • 3+ years of experience in a supervisory role.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, leadership skills, organizational skills, and public speaking skills.
  • Languages: Dutch and English.

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