Construction Supervisors

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Sint Maarten

Functie:Construction Supervisors
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The St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC), opened its doors on March 17th, 1991, as the successor of St. Rose Hospital. SMMC is a non-profit organization that manages and carries out hospital functions serving the community of Dutch St Maarten in the north-eastern Caribbean. The new SMMC will open her doors in three years and for this challenging project we are recruiting 4 Supervisors.

  1. Structural Supervisor
  2. Civil Supervisor
  3. MEP Supervisor
  4. Electrical Supervisor


In accordance with the instructions given by the Construction Manager:

  • Coordinates the activities on site as necessary and required to proceed with work and supplies within his field of responsibility and ensures that the work programme is achieved;
  • Oversees the organisation and management of individual activities and/or parts of the site in line with orders received;
  • Cooperate with Quantity Surveyor to measure / survey works on site for the evaluation as preliminary operation for IPC issuing;
  • Supervise works performed by daily / hourly rates, if any;
  • Assist Construction Manager for the preparation of both the site works daily log-book and the attendance register;
  • Works with the Planning Eng. and the Procurement Unit on shipping of materials and tendering of services;
  • Carries out technical checks on supplies, manufactures and final tests;
  • Supervise work of subcontracting firms and suppliers within his area of responsibility;
  • Safety responsibilities (in cooperation with Site Manager and HSE Coordinator);
  • Supervises, with a duty to monitor and check upon, the progress of work within his/her sphere of responsibility in such a way as to ensure compliance with current legislation and company provisions and the instructions of the Constr. Manager and/or the Site Manager on health and safety at work issues, giving instructions and referring, in a timely manner, decisions to his/her superior. For areas in which he acts independently ensures:
  • The coordination and control of the activities carried out by employees of his own company for activities within his area of competence;
  •  Where work is contracted or subcontracted, cooperation in the implementation of measures for prevention and protection from risks at work and the coordination of work on prevention and protection from risks at work including to eliminate risks due to interference between the work of the various firms involved in the execution of the overall job;
  • Supervision to ensure that all personnel comply with the standards currently in force as well as company provisions relating to health and safety at work and that the orders of the Construction Manager and / or Site Manager are complied with and that all personnel use the PPE provided, giving instructions and referring decisions to superiors in a timely manner;
  • The adoption of measures for controlling situations of risk in an emergency, immediately informing the workers exposed, giving instructions so that they, in the case of a serious, immediate and unavoidable ranger, abandon their work posts or the dangerous area, suspending work immediately;
  • Supervises and checks to ensure that:
  1. Equipment designed to protect the health and safety of workers using machinery and tools has not been removed or interfered with and that personnel used for the assembly, disassembly and operation of machinery and equipment have been appropriately informed and instructed on the conditions of safe use and possible abnormal situations which may arise, arranging, where necessary, for in house personnel, to provide the said information, training and preparation.

Kennis en vaardigheden

At least two years’ experience of construction management including supervision of site works, familiar with the most common computer applications, the basics of planning. Capable to proceed in accordance with the technical specifications, good practices and with the application of health & safety rules and regulations.

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