Program Manager (Healthcare)

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Sint Maarten

Functie:Program Manager (Healthcare)
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Our client, the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) is a non-profit organization that “Provides Quality Care Close to Home” by closely cooperating with strategic partners, within a safe environment with motivated, qualified, competent and friendly staff.

SMMC’s vision is to be the regional leader in providing high quality hospital care, with compassion and friendly service. In order to achieve its goals now and in the future SMMC has started the Fit for the Future program (FFTF). This program goes hand in hand with the project St. Maarten General Hospital (SMGH): the construction of the new hospital(House).

Job purpose:

Job Purpose of the FFTF Program Manager by creating adequate conditions for all stakeholders within SMMC to achieve the strategic objectives by directing, evaluating and continuously developing the program. The program manager represents the FFTF program both internal and external to the organization.

This position reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Key areas:

  • Projects
  • Finance
  • Coordination & management
  • Information

Major activities and results:


  • Advises the BoD on the further development and implementation of FFTF.
  • Aligns FFTF program activities, objectives and timelines with the SMGH construction project and ensures structural coordination.
  • Carries out feasibility studies for projects.
  • Contributes to the selection of team members and their roles for projects. Supports, advises and directs project leaders on the implementation of their sub-program.
  • Draws up timelines, initiates projects. Follows internal and external factors that may affect project deliverables and timelines.
  • Draws up, monitors and manages the program budget, with the use of grants where relevant.
  • Monitors the progress and the coherence of the different sub-programs.
  • Signals deficiencies in the implementation of the sub-programs and reports to the BoD.
  • Proactively manages changes in project scope, identifies potential crises, and devises contingency plans in consultation with internal stakeholders and external stakeholders.
  • Coaches, mentors, motivates and supervises project leaders and influences them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.


  • Sets up and monitors project budgets.
  • Prepares and submits budgetary reports. Monitors and approves outsourced activities after consultation with the relevant project leaders and/or BoD.

Coordination & management:

  • Participates in relevant committees.
  • Signals deficiencies in the alignment of the sub-programs, gives directions to project leaders for adjustments where necessary and reports to the BoD.
  • Designs business processes for the FFTF unit.
  • Sets goals and objectives, motivates, coaches, controls, directs, counsels and corrects project leaders from a program management point of view.
  • Ensures an adequate communication structure.
  • Creates a work climate that motivates staff and improves performances.
  • Contributes towards the (multi annual) year planning.


  • Is first point of contact for internal and external stakeholders pertaining to FFTF.
  • Maintains relevant program/project data and conducts related analyses, processes results into reports and presentations and presents data and analyses to BoD and stakeholders.
  • Ensures communication between project leaders, management, BoD and external consultants.

Kennis en vaardigheden

The job requires a relevant Master’s Degree, complemented with direct work experience in healthcare and program management. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office is required. Knowledge of contemporary theory has to be maintained and translated into project and policy plans. Knowledge of the English and Dutch language is needed. Comprehension of one or more other languages (e.g. Spanish, Papiamentu, French/Patois) is an asset. Familiarity with the different cultures on the island is important.

Interpersonal skills:

Interpersonal and listening skills are required to implement organizational changes. Negotiation skills and persuasiveness are needed for various working relationships internal and external to the organization, for example with project stakeholders. The incumbent has to have the ability to cope with opposite interests of parties. Treats colleagues with respect.

Other function requirements:

Perseverance is required to implement organizational changes and policies. Working methodically and orderly is necessary for analyzing and solving complex problems and developing and implementing project plans and policies. Access to confidential hospital and employee information requires confidentiality. A professional appearance is required to represent the organization in external contacts as well for internal contacts.


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