Recruitment Clients

Since 2004 Global Resourcing is leading in the field of recruitment for clients on Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Sint Maarten. We specialize in the recruitment of professionals at middle and senior management level.

From the offices on Curacao and St. Maarten we strive for a high level of service in which the interest of both the client and the candidate is our highest priority.

When recruiting for our clients, Global Resourcing is responsible for the entire recruitment process. This process is of course in line with the strategy and objectives of your organization. The selected candidate will have a direct contract with the client.

A good recruitment process is strategically important for companies to remain competitive, because the difference between companies is made by the talent that is present and this will have a direct impact on business results.

Working method Recruitment process

The recruitment activities within Global Resourcing are centralized and take place from the office in Curacao. We use several Recruitment tools, including:

  • Website Global Resourcing;
  • Database Global Resourcing;
  • Personal network of the various branch employees;
  • Job portals;
  • Professional, – and newspapers (print and online);
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter);
  • Suppliers;
  • Other (online) recruitment tools.

Because Global Resourcing has invested in innovative recruitment tools already since 2004, we are able to recruit the right candidate in a relative short time frame. The knowledge and expertise of our experienced recruiters plays an important role.

The entire process of recruitment for our clients, from pre-selection till final placement, is done in a professional manner by our recruitment team. Intensive screening is the base of our recruitment process.

After a three-step selection process Global Resourcing presents the client a so called “short-list” of candidates. The client determines which candidates will continue in the procedure, either by a telephone interview, a video conference or a personal meeting. During this process, Global Resourcing will play a supporting role for all stake holders and can be used for example for providing a reference check, medical examination and / or a police investigation.

During the screening of candidates Global Resourcing will carefully considering the specific needs of the client with respect to, among other things, the affinity of candidates with the clients branch and the society and culture of the Dutch Caribbean.

Why Global Resourcing

Global Resourcing is unique in the following areasĀ±

  • Many years of experience in the field of Recruitment and thorough knowledge of the “Dutch Caribbean” culture.
  • Offices in Curacao and Sint Maarten.
  • We offer professional, flexible, personal, prompt, involved and discrete service. In addition to this, we can provide guidance to candidates in consultation with the client, who intend to relocate to the “Dutch Caribbean”.
  • We are known as a reliable and solid business partner, who can deal with a diversity of personal issues and can manage a multitude of contracts in broad professional sectors.


Our service will only be invoiced after the candidate has gone into service with the client. Until the moment of a successful placement, this service takes place on a no-cure-no-pay basis.