Staffing Clients

Staffing is the temporary hiring of highly qualified personnel. The professional will have a contract with Global Resourcing directly, but will fall under the leadership and operational oversight of the client.

Staffing can occur individually or on a group basis. We can provide the right professional for a fixed period or a complete team of various specialists.

Staffing is a good solution if you want the security of experienced, flexible professionals during an agreed period.

The most common reasons for organizations to choose the staffing of professionals:

  • Replacement during sickness
  • Specialized projects
  • Maternity leave
  • Additional support during busy periods

A major advantage of Staffing is that you can easily and quickly get highly trained personnel. In addition, another major advantage of Staffing is that you as a client on Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Sint Maarten will only bind the professional for a temporarily period.

Global Resourcing has like no other experience with the entire process of recruitment and final placement. You and your professionals can focus on carrying out the work that needs to be done. We focus on the full service around it.

IT Staffing

Within Outsourcing Global Resourcing has a special focus on the Staffing of IT projects. Every IT department has dealt with it; peak periods when there is acute need for additional capacity. During holiday seasons or, for example, in the case of staff turnover. Or do you want some additional expertise when in need of a ” second opinion”? And what to do with the regular work during ongoing projects?

The success of an IT project is an exciting and time-consuming process. Heaps of factors can influence the final result. As an IT Manager, you obviously want one thing; successful completion!

Global Resourcing provides you with the right people with the right skills for temporary deployment. The duration of these projects can vary from a few weeks to a year or even longer, depending on your need.

By working with flexible, qualified specialists’ projects can still be executed successfully. IT Staffing is the key: the staffing of ICT projects with independent ICT professionals. The IT staffing formula has been used extensively in Europe and America and an increasing amount of companies in the Dutch Caribbean call on Global Resourcing for resolving capacity problems and the temporary hiring of experts with special knowledge and expertise.

Global Resourcing has access to a database of thousands of ICT candidates. Our candidates have experience in executing projects and migrations and know exactly what is involved.

Another advantage is that Global Resourcing will take care of all the logistics that comes with resourcing projects. Global Resourcing can arrange flights, accommodation and local transportation on the island. Due to the excellent relationships, we have with different parties on the island, we can purchase economically. We will save the customer a lot of time and effort, because we take care of all the logistics.

Over the past years Global Resourcing has successfully resourced ICT project for a numerous renowned organization in the Dutch Caribbean.


For our service, Staffing Global Resourcing uses an “add-on rating” fee. This means that Global Resourcing imposes a standard margin on the cost price of the candidate.

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