Remote IT Staffing

“A cost-effective solution to the continuation of your IT projects in uncertain times”

Since 2004, Global Resourcing has been a leader in the field of Recruitment & Staffing for clients in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten.

Within its services, Global Resourcing has a special focus on the (Remote) Staffing of IT projects.

By working with qualified IT specialists in a flexible way, projects can be performed successfully at all times. IT Staffing is the keyword here: staffing IT projects with independent IT professionals. Increasingly more companies in the Dutch Caribbean are calling on Global Resourcing to solve capacity problems and to hire experts with specialized IT knowledge temporarily.

Over the past 15 years, Global Resourcing has established a successful track record with reputable organizations within the business community and the (semi-)government regarding the hiring of IT specialists temporarily.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, and because the closure of the airspace (temporarily) isolates the islands, organizations are facing major challenges regarding the continuity of existing and future IT projects.

Global Resourcing has the right solution to this!

The use of remote workers specialized in IT.
This has the following advantages for organizations:

  • Flexible continuation of IT projects.
  • A significant cost saving compared to hiring IT specialists who work at the client’s location (no costs for airline tickets, local accommodation, and transport).
  • The supply of remote workers specialized in IT is relatively large.

The currently available technical innovations make it easier for companies to start and manage projects remotely. Global Resourcing is the perfect partner when you temporarily need the right people with the right competencies for remote work. The duration of these projects can vary from a few weeks to a year or even longer, depending on the needs of the client.

Global Resourcing has access to a database of several thousands of IT candidates. Our candidates have experience in working on virtually all types of IT projects and best know what needs to be done.

By using readily available tools, the specialized remote workers can efficiently track their work and it is easy for Clients to manage the progress of the project.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your organization? Please contact Martin Kingma (Sint Maarten) or Michael Henriquez (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) for more information.

Martin Kingma : +1 721 5 420542 / +1 721 5 238694

Michael Henriquez :  +599 9 5400613