Planning Engineer

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Sint Maarten

Functie:Planning Engineer
Referentie nummer:# 3487

The Planning Engineer is responsible for the definition of the appropriate methods, tools and sequence of activities to carry out the successful execution of the project within the budgeted resources and the contractual completion time.

The PLE manages and ensures the following tasks:

  • Development of the project scope of work implementing and developing an iterative detailed WBS (work breakdown structure);
  • Planning of all the activities necessary to complete the project within the contractual completion time and respecting the available budget and resources of manpower, materials and equipment;
  • Preparation and tracking of the project Master Schedule, the summary level curves and the manpower histograms;
  • Identification, monitoring and streamlining of critical paths running through the Project Master schedule and individual contracts;
  • Issuing of Weekly / Monthly reports including S-curves for Client and Management Review;
  • Job allocation to all discipline engineers and follow up for daily job progress;
  • Continuous checking of the subcontractors’ performance compared to subcontract’s demands in terms of work force, materials, equipment and technical challenges;
  • The PLE has specific skills and knowledge of dedicated software and programming techniques used to establish and control a project execution plan;
  • Develops specific reports for any required level of detail of the project implementation (building, area, level, etc.);
  • Gathers and compare any data relevant to activity cost, time and resources in order to check the planned works to the actual completed one and estimate the forecasts for the “remaining” and the “at completion” job;
  • Manage and support the sub-contractors planning activities to execute the Master program of work.


  • At least three years experience planning large construction projects with knowledge of planning techniques, of applications, etc. and be used to work with objectives.
  • Experience with Primavera (Oracle) and Microsoft Project.


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