F&B Manager Luxury Resort

Type aanvraag:Werving en Selectie


Functie:F&B Manager Luxury Resort
Referentie nummer:# 3749

Job summary:

  • In this pivotal role, you embody the "sea of tranquility" for both guests and team members while orchestrating intricate operations. The Food and Beverage (F&B) department, being central to guest interactions, relies on your adept coordination as the F&B Manager. Your meticulous planning ensures seamless guest experiences, making F&B a cornerstone of the 5-star plus resort.
  • You lead a dynamic, international team at the Caribbean's most prestigious, award-winning resort. Interacting with the exclusive clientele demands a commitment to excellence and a profound understanding of guest needs. Your role is integral to maintaining the resort's unparalleled reputation.
  • Given the diverse international clientele, comprising 50% from the United States and 50% from the Netherlands, your days are a dynamic interplay of managing and personalizing interactions. Upholding the exclusive standards requires constant vigilance and adaptability, ensuring both challenges and accomplishments define your daily operations.
  • As the F&B Manager, you are tasked with attending and leading various meetings on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. These meetings serve to synchronize departmental activities, address operational challenges, and contribute to strategic planning. Accurate minute-taking and dissemination ensure transparent communication and accountability.


  • Your responsibilities encompass strategic planning, process optimization, personnel management, and ensuring the F&B department's alignment with budgetary targets. You adeptly manage diverse tasks, from recruitment and employee development to overseeing daily operations, inventory control, and customer satisfaction;
  • Draws up and implements procedures to monitor and control the progress of processes, tasks or activities of employees as well as the progress of own position/activities and responsibilities;
  • Initiates and optimizes activities, processes and tools within the department, which lead to improvement of efficiency, cooperation with other departments, third parties and guest satisfaction;
  • Identifies and anticipates problems. Keeps the overview: makes connections between data; Taking care of personnel management in collaboration with the human resources department.

Kennis en vaardigheden

Job requirements:

  • Hbo working and thinking level;
  • Teacher diploma ("leermeester diploma");
  • At least three year's of experience in a similar position;
  • Strong communication skills and social skills;
  • Able to motivate and direct his/her employees;
  • Team player;
  • Representative;
  • Flexible setting;
  • Have financial insight;
  • Being able to deal with reports;
  • Computer skills;
  • Knowledge of the Dinnerware system,
  • Stress resistant;
  • Strong personality and persuasiveness;
  • Guest oriented.

Qualifications and skills:

  • You bring to the table a minimum of one year of experience in a similar role, with strong communication, leadership, and financial management skills. Your ability to navigate diverse responsibilities, coupled with proficiency in English and Dutch, positions you as a guest-oriented, flexible, and reliable professional.

Leadership and competencies:

  • Exhibiting leadership by example, you display competencies such as service orientation, flexibility, responsibility, and reliability. As a team player, you contribute to the collaborative success of the F&B department, ensuring it remains a beacon of excellence within our resort.


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