Kitchen Chef

Type aanvraag:Werving en Selectie


Functie:Kitchen Chef
Referentie nummer:# 3750

Job Summary:

  • In this pivotal role, the Kitchen Chef serves as the anchor of tranquility for both guests and team members. With the F&B department playing a crucial role in guest interactions, meticulous coordination is essential for seamless operations. The Kitchen Chef ensures the success promised to guests through careful timing and attention to detail, recognizing and fulfilling guest needs on a daily basis.
  • Working at a 5-star plus level with a dynamic international team at an award-winning resort, the Kitchen Chef upholds the company's exclusive reputation. With guests hailing from around the globe, adaptability and excellence are paramount. The Kitchen Chef leads with a hands-on approach, simplifying complex situations, and fostering a collaborative and creative environment.
  • The Kitchen Chef, alongside fellow kitchen chefs, attends or leads various daily, weekly, and monthly meetings. These include team briefings, reservations department meetings, purchasing meetings, arrival meetings, management gatherings, individual department meetings, and director-level meetings. Minutes for all meetings are diligently recorded and shared with relevant parties.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The Kitchen Chef is responsible for managing the kitchen, dishwashing, and canteen departments. This includes overseeing employees, preparing and passing on high-quality dishes, and ensuring efficient processes. Key responsibilities and tasks involve implementing procedures, optimizing activities for efficiency and guest satisfaction, personnel management, creating work schedules, directing kitchen operations, coordinating employee work, and ensuring undisturbed business operations.
  • The Kitchen Chef also plays a crucial role in purchasing decisions, menu planning, inventory management, and maintaining compliance with hygiene standards. Additional responsibilities include participating in meetings, contributing to company policy, and handling various tasks related to the role.


  • Develops and implements procedures to systematically monitor and control the progress of processes, tasks, or activities undertaken by employees, as well as the advancement of personal functions, activities, and responsibilities.
  • Initiates and optimizes activities, processes, and tools within the department, fostering improvements in efficiency, collaboration with other departments, third­ party interactions, and guest satisfaction.
  • Identifies and anticipates problems, maintaining a comprehensive overview and establishing connections between data.
  • Manages personnel matters in collaboration with the human resources department and F&B Manager, encompassing recruitment and selection, hiring, employee assessment, training nomination, promotion evaluation, salary proposal formulation, and dismissal procedures.
  • Directs, motivates, and coaches employees to achieve optimal performance, overseeing work classification, giving directions, monitoring progress and quality, and resolving arising problems.
  • Coordinates the work of employees in the kitchen, including assigning tasks, giving directions, monitoring progress and quality, checking raw materials and processed supplies, ensuring responsible use of raw materials, and maintaining kitchen production efficiency.
  • Ensures undisturbed business operations through meticulous planning of preparatory work, coordination of sufficient stock, responsibility for food cost management, monitoring correct stock management, and overseeing cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ensures quality and cost-effective purchasing by advising the F&B Manager on suppliers.
  • Contributes to menu development and changes based on historical data, collaborating with the F&B Manager, conducting trials and assessments of recipe changes and new dishes, and making preliminary calculations for determining sales prices.
  • Conducts periodic inventory of stocks, corrects deviations from profit standards, and demonstrates skillful handling of knives and kitchen equipment.
  • Adheres to established rules regarding industrial and personal hygiene and working and presentation methods in various kitchen areas.
  • Performs various tasks in the kitchen, maintains contacts with internal departments and suppliers, participates in internal and external consultations, and contributes to company policy.

Kennis en vaardigheden

Job requirements:

  • HBO working and thinking level
  • Restaurant cook and "teacher" diploma (leermeester)
  • Minimum three year's of experience in a similar position in a medium-sized kitchen
  • Experience with calculating food costs and ensuring correct inventory management
  • Experience with calculating menus
  • Excellent command of Dutch and English; Spanish and Papiamentu are advantageous
  • Motivational and directive abilities
  • Strong communication and social skills
  • Representative and flexible
  • Stress-resistant with a strong and persuasive personality
  • Team player with a guest-oriented approach
  • Leadership Skills: Demonstrates leadership through example.


  • Service-oriented
  • Flexible work attitude
  • Team player
  • Responsible and reliable

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